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Meet Maisie Place

About Maisie Place

Maisie Place is a celebrated figure in motorsport, known for her outstanding performance both on and off the racetrack. Not only is she an accomplished racer, she’s also a highly skilled mechanic and a strong advocate for inclusivity in the sport. Her dedication was recognised when she won the prestigious 2022 Coral Taylor Award. Beyond racing, Maisie’s commitment to mentoring and coaching others makes her an integral part of the motorsport community. With her multifaceted talents and passion, Maisie Place embodies the essence of a true motorsport champion.

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Motor Racing in Australia isn’t just a sport; it’s a passion fervently followed by its dedicated fanbase. In this niche arena, your brand won’t just be another nameā€”it’ll achieve genuine cut-through. By sponsoring a driver, you not only gain the spotlight on the track but also leverage their influential social network, ensuring your message resonates far and wide. It’s a strategic move where passionate fans meet impactful brand visibility, offering a unique advantage in today’s cluttered advertising landscape.