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Weber Family Q Black (Q3100) LP BBQ

The best meals are cooked under the open sky, and the Weber Family Q (Q3100) LP is the perfect way to do just that with your family. It has a sleek design that looks fantastic, including a single spark igniter for your convenience, a stainless steel burner and a cast alloy lid and bowl. It’s hard to look past a Weber for reliability and ease of use. The Family Q comes with a drizzle collector to keep your meals healthy, and has a thicker porcelain coating to make it easier to clean. It will become your ‘go to’ cooking appliance for anything from fish and vegetables, to chops and steaks. This portable Weber Family BBQ will let you cook up a feed while camping or picnicking. If you’re after a good quality, easy to use, reliable and portable BBQ, then this is just what you’re looking for.